PB Packing List

It's time to pack your bags, an adventure is waiting for you. These are the things we can't live without, especially in the heart of the canyon. 

 ☆ sleeping bag for cuddling with bae

☆ a camera because you never wanna forget

☆ beanie for cozy canyon mornings

☆ whiskey to keep things interesting

☆ backpack to hold your trail mix and other important goodies

☆ comfy socks so your toes don't get cold

☆ sunnies just in case there's a lil too much whiskey

☆ hiking boots for the canyon trail 

☆ turtlenecks so you can look cute and stay warm

☆ playing cards for nights of strip poker

☆ canteen... nobody's asking what's inside

s'more supplies - because everyone knows s'mores are the real reason you go camping

chunky blankets for star gazing