Magic Mille Feuille

Beautiful Recipe from My Little Fabric



Comice pear
Goat fresh salted
Tomme ewe
chives Sprouts
Black radish (if you like ^^) 
Various mushrooms
Olive oil / butter
Sea salt

For decoration: 
edible Thought
reversed Girolle


Sweat the chopped shallot in a little olive oil. Add mushrooms, sauté with a knob of butter to brown. Season with salt and pepper. 
Cook garlic déchemisé papilotte in the oven at 180 ° C for 15 min. Mix the garlic cut into pieces with cisellée chives, fresh goat cheese and grated sheep. Cut into thin slice pears and black radish.

Assemble the millefeuille, alternating pear / radish / goat cheese and sprouts. Finish by placing a sautéed mushrooms and a pinch of sea salt