Day 26: Herbal Life

we love how fresh herbs can transform our home cooked meals, so we wanted to have them readily available. keeping herbs at home is easier than we thought. There are a surprising number of herbs that will thrive as indoor plants. All it takes is a bright space and a little bit of love.


Even if you never cook with your basil, you'll enjoy it for the smell alone. The fresh, bright smell of basil will greet you every time you walk in the kitchen. (For some reason, the scent always makes us want to whip up a caprese salad or a tray of bruschetta.) You can grow your basil from seed, or jump start the whole process by buying a basil plant from your grocery store


If you want to boost your gardening confidence, chives are the herb for you. Chives grow so quickly and easily, they'll give you an immediate shot of green thumb mojo. Skip the seeds, and go straight for a small plant from the nursery.


Save the sunniest spot in the kitchen for Mr. Mint. Pick up a small mint plant at a health food grocery store. Mint comes in multiple varieties -- apple mint and spearmint are some of our favorites.


Like basil, rosemary has a wonderfully strong scent. It tastes great in soups, on meats or in breads. Start with a rosemary plant, purchased from your local nursery or home improvement garden center.