Carnival Queen

Time for ferris wheel kisses, cotton candy, and taking home life sized stuffed animals. October is here and we've got all of our carnival faves.

Popcorn Cupcakes via Tikkido


  • striped paper baking cups
  • your favorite cake batter
  • mini marshmallows
  • corn syrup
  • broiler

Bake your favorite cupcake recipe right in the striped baking cups. The ones I used came from TheTomkat Studio shop, and were ideal for the job. The paper of the cup is sturdy, so you don't need to use a cupcake tin, and thick enough that even the darkest chocolate cupcakes didn't mar the look of the red and white stripes.

Arrange the mini marshmallows on the sticky domes of the cupcakes, packing them tightly so that as little of the cupcake shows as possible.  On some of the cupcakes, I snipped the marshmallows almostin half with a pair of kitchen scissors.  It looked cute, but not dramatically better than just using unaltered mini marshmallows.  Since I was making 150 cupcakes, I opted for the still-awesome-but-less-time-consuming variation.

Place the marshmallow-topped cupcakes back in the oven, but this time under the broiler. Only for a few seconds, though! Watch the cupcakes very carefully; you're looking for the marshmallows to puff and brown slightly.   

I ended up doing four or six cupcakes at a time under the broiler.  More seemed to be a little too much to handle for this delicate operation. 

When the marshmallows begin to brown, remove immediately from the oven and let cool. You'll have a sweet simulacrum of popcorn perfect for a summer evening watching movies with friends and family.

Cotton Candy Inspired Makeup backstage at Viktor and Rolf S/S 2012.

Bandana Scarves are the perfect outfit compliment.