Alexis Ren caught in a Heatwave for Planet Blue

Shooting with the magnificent Alexis is always a good time, down to earth, charming and undeniably beautiful, it's a cinch to capture. Hope you enjoy these hot, hot pics!

Here is a great interview with Alexis pulled from The

First thing you do when you wake up?

Jay: I always wake up before Alexis. I have way to much energy so I end up usually squeezing her and kissing her and just trying to wake her up haha (unless she does like 6 am Pilates class then it's the other way around)
Alexis: If I'm not up early for my workout I usually wake up to him rubbing my back or kissing me. I never wake up not feeling like the prettiest girl in the world with him.

What does your man/girl find sexy in your sunday loungewear? 

Jay: Sweats, messy hair & sleepy eyes...she's always a cute one when she's wakes up. 
Alexis: Like he said, sweats are my go to, preferably HIS sweats ;)

Coffee or tea? 

Jay: Neither. I like citrus, but she's a coffee addict.
Alexis: Coffee coffee coffee 

Lingerie or old t shirt? 

Jay: Depends on the night but I like Alexis in my shirts. It's insanely cute to see your girl cuddled up in your stuff.
Alexis: I love lingerie. SKIVVIES are my favorite, but a lot of the nights I end up in a t-shirt. Usually Jay's shirt.

What do you put on to impress your man?

Alexis: SKIVVIES ;)

Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man? 

Jay: Honestly not really, pretty open about everything and anything. 
Alexis: Nope. We're very open.

Morning hike or sleep in? 

Jay: Sleep in and if not I usually try get a surf in or a couple of skydives. not a normal wakeup for most ;)
Alexis: Depends on where we are destination Hawaii we're up at 6 am & at the beach till lunch. In LA I'm usually up for morning yoga or Pilates and then I sometimes surprise him with breakfast when he wakes.

Leather or lace?

Alexis: Both. I always change it up. 

Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word.

Alexis: PUPPY

Who controls the remote?

Jay: We don't have a TV, but I would if we did.
Alexis: Is that right jay? We would definitely argue over that ;)

Who takes longer to get ready?

Jay: I'd say Alexis but if I have to shave then probably me.. (I suck at shaving)
Alexis: I'm a girl...what can I say? :)

Whats your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES?

Alexis: With a pretty kimono or just the lingerie itself...Im also a big fan of throwing on high wasted black jeans and a SKIVVIES bralette for a night out. 

Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?

Jay: Oh sunshine! Everything's more alive. The cold and overcast kills my motivation.
Alexis: Warm sunny mornings every morning please... :)

Who hogs the bed covers

Jay: Jay Jay Jay...
Alexis: Jay does, but I don't mind because his body is literally a heater so I have no problem hugging him until I fall asleep. 

Does your man Snore?

Jay: Hahaha I don't really snore but....
Alexis: I do...hahaha 

Dogs or cats?

Jay: Cats are cute but puppy dog faces... you can't beat it.
Alexis: I have a childhood cat named sassy. I love her to death, but puppies win in my book! 

Favorite tunes to wake up to?

Jay: Soft music usually. Anything on Alexis' playlist. I let her Dj usually.
Alexis: We have very similar taste in music. We love sharing our new tunes to eachother.

What do you do to relax?

Jay: Laying under the sun with my girl or as weird as it sounds...Skydiving! 
Alexis: The warm sun with jay is always my most relaxed state. I also love yoga. 

Who does the most chores around the house?

Jay: Alexis does. she's really sweet about it. I promise I notice it too!
Alexis: He helps a lot & he's not a messy person.

Photos by Kimberley Gordon

Modeled by Alexis Ren

Makeup by Kali Kennedy

Hair by Crystal Boyce

Production by Cassidy Tashjian

Styling by Whitney Cox