Locals Only

Hope you enjoy these magical photos from the 1970's captured here on the west coast. Some include famous girl skate boarders like Patti Mcgee and Ellen O Neal. Channeling these bad ass women this weekend would be so fun... multiple shots in here taken by the amazing Hugh Holland.

"In the 1970s when Southern California was experiencing a serious drought, it left a surplus of empty swimming pools across communities that ultimately became playgrounds for young boys from Venice Beach with skateboards in their hands. The increase in empty pools coincided with a rising generation of wavy-haired, sun-bleached skateboarders who would make up the pioneering competitive skate team Z-Boys. In the blink of an eye, a subculture that had evolved out of surfing culture had staked its claim, and California’s back yards and asphalt were its main platforms to shine." Read more

Malibu Marilyn

The everlasting Marilyn Monroe along the PCH in Malibu, it's amazing that we can stand in the same water she dipped her feet into! forever in love.

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